How to be a Vehicle Auto technician within the United kingdom

Vehicle mechanics concentrate on the repair and service of vehicles. They focus on the constant maintenance and repairing of every aspect of cars, by performing preventative and restorative focus on the engine, electrics, gears, brakes, exhaust system, security measures, fuel pump and AC. Vehicle mechanics may also perform routine servicing of vehicles, and supplying advice for purchasers on the health of their vehicles, and can execute tests for mechanical problems.

If your vehicle includes a serious issue, then your driver won’t require the fault to become repaired, and can want the job to become performed properly, and in a fashion that prevents any future recurrences. Only an qualified and experienced vehicle auto technician can offer this degree of service. So, vehicle mechanics have a huge role to participate in the repairing and checking of a lot of vehicles, in and industry with approximately 31million cars on the highway within the United kingdom.


Individuals who aspire to eventually act as a vehicle auto technician are envisioned having good GCSE leads to Mathematics, Science, Design Technology and British. However, although employers need to know that ambitious mechanics can demonstrate understanding of science and engineering, and have strong practical abilities, they’ll still training. One way that this can be accomplished is thru an apprenticeship.


Student vehicle mechanics can undertake an apprenticeship having a qualified employer, even though they are frequently restricted to school leavers, and individuals aged 25 or under.

Apprenticeship programmes involve a double edged sword of coaching: some of it is going to be practical on-the-job training within motor mechanics, and yet another part is going to be theoretical training. Apprenticeships include studying to have an NVQ qualification for example NVQ Level 2 Vehicle Repair and maintenance, and functional skills in Maths and British. Other apprenticeship schemes will begin with an amount 3 qualification, which usually require basic level qualifications like a the least 4-5 GCSE’s including Maths and British, or equivalent BTEC qualifications.

Apprenticeships are among the primary methods for stepping into the. Huge giants within the vehicle industry for example BMW, Honda and Jaguar execute recruitment of apprentices every year, and among the greatest tips would be to study the website to determine the important thing characteristics and behaviours they’re searching for.


An alternative choice to an apprenticeship for ambitious mechanics would be to earn qualifications via a course. Within the Uk, there are many different qualifications in vehicle mechanics, which each and every their very own unique core elements. This provides you with the required training to become vehicle auto technician.

A BTEC covers automobile management and technology. This is made for individuals who aspire to manage motoring companies later on. There’s two BTEC’s: a HNC along with a HND. A HNC is really a Greater National Certificate, or perhaps a BTEC Edexcel Greater National Certificate in Vehicle Operations Management, to provide its full title. This program examines managing people, managing sources, finance for vehicle operations along with a specific project.

This really is considered equal to a GCSE level qualification. Getting this certificate enables you to definitely progress towards obtaining a HND a BTEC Edexcel Greater National Diploma in Vehicle Operations Management. The main modules are identical, but they are more in depth and advanced. Obtaining the Diploma is regarded as something like a degree in motor mechanics.

The Town & Guilds offers a lot of different qualifications. They’re tailored towards different factors of motor mechanics, and derive from the knowledge level and understanding of scholars. For example, the town & Guilds Level 1 IVQ Certificate in Vehicle Repair and maintenance concentrates on fundamental facets of motor mechanics, for example having the ability to use tools and customary workshop equipment, and understanding how to recognize joining methods and materials. However, at Level 2, the qualification turns into a diploma, and concentrates on more complex facets of motor mechanics, such as the removal and substitute of engine units and components, auxiliary electrical units, and chassis units.

The Town & Guilds provide other courses, however. For example, the Award in Vehicle Repair and maintenance is really a QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) is really a qualification earned more than a short time, with three different levels (based on a person’s experience). The qualification is highly regarded inside the industry, and it is an invaluable one for ambitious vehicle mechanics to possess when seeking employment.

What Employers Are Searching For?

The very first factor employers may wish to see is the understanding of automobile technology and new developments in the market. Obviously, your qualifications may also be considered.

Additionally, employers is going to be searching at the background, not just for industrial arts and safety, but additionally some information technology. You have to hold a driving licence that’s valid for the kind of vehicles you will be serving. You need to be in good health, because of the demands from the position. Also it helps you to possess good problem-solving skills, and so that you can work rapidly and precisely.

Customer support is very important. You will see occasions when you really need to describe problems to customers, as well as you’ll have to cope with irate customers, so showing understanding and persistence could be essential in retaining customers and building business if either you’re employed to have an employer or else you become self-employed.

Versatility and difficult work are very important abilities employers search for. Vehicle mechanics will have to work late within the nights and work some weekends. Hard dedication and work would be the key traits must succeed particularly when focusing on vehicle on your own, were concentration is really a necessity.

How Much Cash Am I Going To Make like a Vehicle Auto technician within the United kingdom?

The beginning salary for any vehicle auto technician, or a student auto technician, ranges between £7,000 and £11,000 on apprenticeship schemes. The particular figure is decided by age and experience. Using the necessary qualifications, a vehicle mechanic’s annual salary will rise to between £13,000 and £20,000, based on who they work with where. With experience, the annual salary should rise close to £26,000.

If your vehicle auto technician is self-employed, however, then their salary can differ, monthly. It depends about how much work they need to do, the duties they perform, and also the frequency of the work. Therefore, self-employed vehicle mechanics don’t determine their salary yearly, but job-by-job.

Most importantly most self-employed vehicle mechanics will begin off by employed by a company, and when they’ve become experience and earned enough money, they’ll then have the ability to support themselves when you are self-employed. Self-employed mechanics can essentially earn what they need, as with every jobs whenever you be your own boss this will depend about how hard you need to work.

Benefits and drawbacks to become a Vehicle Auto technician within the United kingdom

You will find benefits and drawbacks to as being a vehicle auto technician. The important thing advantages and disadvantages are highlighted below.


• For vehicle enthusiasts, the opportunity to earn a living by practicing your hobby

• possibilities to operate on other motor vehicles, for example motorcycles

• You’ve got the necessary skills to correct your personal vehicles

• More computer-based work with modern mechanics not exclusively physical


• Work environments could be poorly lit and dirty

• Mislaying tools and vehicle parts can result in injuries

• A few of the machinery can be quite noisy

• You might be in uncomfortable positions to have an long time

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